The internet of things for sports is quickly taking shape. A big part of sports is all about collecting and analyzing data. Our unique sensing technology can give more of that data to work with, in actual fact much more.

We believe that our patented sensing technology could be integrated in every ball, bat, racket, shoe, sports mat and be digitally connected.

We have under development several interesting products. Our responsive sport mats for instance detect your position, balance and alignment and gives you real time feedback on how to improve. The mats analyze and provide instant feedback and corrections allowing you to perfect your pose, game, swing or exercise while they track your performance through time to see improvements in real life. It's like having a personal instructor on call 24/7!

Our first line of responsive sport mats in nearing completion. Together with our partners we are beta testing the hardware and software. We are fine tuning the product and expect to launch the same in Q1/Q2 2018.

For more information about our sport products and progress or if you have a great idea yourself please contact us.






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