Detecting presence, movement & direction of people and objects in real time.

How it works.
FloorX combines the world's best hardware with the most advanced software. Offering a fundamentally different way of sensing with unmatched analytics and system integration.

FloorX's patented sensor technology and world-class data analysis track presence information and behaviors of people and objects in real time. Embedded seamlessly in flooring from tile to carpeting, FloorX monitors movements and can alert to situations requiring attention. The deep analysis of data can provide full insight into all aspects of a building operation.

FloorX can be calibrated. All items on a floor like couches, tables, chairs, beds etc. generate a certain pressure. By calibrating the floor with these in place, FloorX understands what is normal and will monitor changes in pressure and as a result detect presence, exact location, direction and movement to such an extent that even people or objects on a chair or bed will be noticed.

Our fundamentally different sensor technology is made of the most wear-resistant engineered polymer embedded in a spun bond non-woven material. The pressure sensitive underlayment created has 340/380 or more sensing points per square yard/meter. Sensors estimate a foot's width, length, stride and pressure, creating an 3D footprint which enables us to follow individuals over large surfaces.

FloorX passed the industry-required British spill, 10.000 impact, Surface flammability and Critical Radiant Flux tests. The sensors can be installed under a variety of commercial floor finishes including, but not limited to, carpet, wood, vinyl tile and even epoxy flooring. It is seamless and flat while its functionality, characteristics and ease of installation are very like standard underlayment's.

We partnered with leading manufacturers to embed our technology into a full range of mats in all kinds of shapes, patterns and colors for a variety of applications and industries. Approved for dry, wet, and slippery applications and, if required, with outstanding ergonomic, safety, and anti-fatigue benefits.

Our advanced algorithms translate foot traffic and human behavior into actionable data for real-time and historical access to the evolving trends in physical spaces. The floor system automatically reports to an easy-to-use online dashboard that allows you to quickly analyze and monitor behavior anytime, anywhere.

Examples include foolproof alarm signals indicating unauthorized intrusion or people falling, the ability to direct cameras, manage lights/AC/smart home appliances and insights into floor utilization. Sencorfloors could sharply increase response time in e.g. hospitals and nursing homes, vastly improving security in buildings or allowing elderly to keep living longer within the comfort of their own home.



Sencorfloors in and around elevators.
A Sencorfloor installed in an elevator car provides input as to how many persons and objects are inside the car at any given time. It updates the computer about how much floor space is left, which is much more accurate than weight. An elevator car which is full (e.g. baby strollers), but not necessarily at its full weight capacity, could bypass a floor and the computer could re-direct another car to the waiting floor.

No unnecessary stops will be made and overcrowded uncomfortable cars will be a thing of the past. The same applies for the user experience in the lobby. No cars will stop that are already full or overcrowded. Every car that stops can be used.

Sencorfloors allow computers to decide on the most efficient strategy. It not only enhances the user experience which is measured in waiting time both inside and outside the elevator car but also reduces energy use and maintenance costs.

If installed in lift lobbies, a Sencorfloors can provide a computer with input it never had before. Not only will it understand, in real time, what is happening inside the car but also what to expect on which floor and adjust its strategy accordingly.

Both real time inputs combined allows the computer to direct the cars in an even faster and more efficient way, saving more energy and increasing the user experience even further. It will also allow a computer to even better keep track of how many people come in and go out of an elevator car at a every floor and as such have a real time understanding of how many people are present at each floor. Information that is useful in case of an emergency.

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