Over the last years consumers have drastically reshaped the agenda around health and wellness. A trend that started with fitness, in the 90s, to vitamins, herbals, natural and the organic, anti-aging, food as medicine, and now its balance and the mind/body connection. Consumers have made the connection between heath and quality of life, and that spawned a huge industry in wellness products.

Consumer realize that taking better care of themselves with healthier diet, more exercise, better sleep, and allowing themselves the time to rest and recharge improve their quality of their lives and has a positive effect on their long term health.

For the Health & wellness industry we have under development a number of interesting non-intrusive products. These, in combination with apps or software, will provide wellness-driven individuals connectivity and control in the management and optimum achievement levels of relaxation, rest and sleep

Expected launch of some of them is scheduled for Q2/Q3 2017. For more information about the products and progress please contact us.




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