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Who we are.
Sencorables, LLC is a privately owned company. Our fundamentally different way of sensing allows us to develop products that "help people to better understand their properties, businesses and the world around them".

What we do.
Today's sensor products are expected to be "intelligent" and connectable to wifi networks and internet. A big part of the "intelligence" and internet of things is about collecting and analyzing data; using the same to enhance product performance and user experience. Sencorables unique and patented sensing technology can give more and 100% accurate data to work with and in return will enable manufacturers to offer their clients products that meet today's market expectation.

How we operate.
The applications for our technology are unlimited and can be found in many different market segments. We, independently or in close cooperation with our channel partners, develop IoT products or transform normal product into these. We don't operate within all these segments ourselves. We are not your next or new competitor.

What we can do for you.
We believe that our sensing technology could be integrated in almost every product. Whether you are in the building management, sports, health & wellness, automotive or electronics industry, we might have or could develop something for you. The internet of things is a market that is expected to rise to billions of dollars over the coming years. Maybe it is time to talk. Let us have a look at your products and see how our technology can help you to adapt them and meet today's market expectations.

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